Good Friday Oppertunities


Good Friday reading of Gospel of John

On Good Friday it has been our tradition to come together to read the Gospel of John. This year we will share the reading via a Zoom conference starting at 7pm. For those who wish to share a meal we will open the Zoom conference at 6:30. The reading takes about 2 hours. Bring your bible, what ever version you have. We enjoy the variety. If you do not have the worship Zoom Login send an email by clicking here to obtain one.

Good Friday Ministerium Service

Plymouth Monthly Meeting is a part of the Colonial Ministerium. Our Ministerium is a gathering of the faith communities residing in Plymouth, Whitmarsh and Conshohocken. It is a place where we share ideas, concerns, initiate common actions and most importantly pray and worship together. Each year we create a community Good Friday service for the Christian communities and a Thanksgiving service for all of our communities. In these times of divisions between religions, between races, between conservative, orthodox, evangelical and liberal groups our Ministerium continues to be a place of respectful and nurturing engagement seeking God’s will for all of us.

This year’s Good Friday service is a virtual service that was gathered from individual from each of the churches and our Monthly Meeting. We are grateful to those whose skills enabled the assembling of the music and homilies together into this year’s Good Friday Service. We hope you will set aside some time to step out of the chores of life and listen into the voice of our Faith communities here in our neighborhoods.

The video will be available on the YouTube link -  on Friday morning. (currently if the link is clicked it will say Private. Please do not be alarmed if you cannot view the video now. The file is large so we were unable to make it available as a down load with a simple link.