Thanksgiving Greetings
Colonial Ministerium Faith Communities


The clergy members of the Colonial Ministerium send our love in this season of thanksgiving. We will not hold an interfaith service of worship this year, but send this greeting and reflection. 

11.4.2021 Ministerium

In past generations, in Conshohocken, Plymouth and Whitemarsh, there was a moment at the end of the day when the last bale of hay or basket of apples was hosted to the wagon and a tired, but satisfied body looked out over the fields and smiled gratefully for the bounty the land had produced. This blessed moment recurs as we look back over the accomplishments of the year.

The harvest does not come easily. We share with past generations difficulties that are beyond our control: summer heat, flood, wind, and illness. And, like those who have gone before us, there have been difficulties of our own making – usually when our actions outran attention to God’s spirit within: a word spoken in anger; an action causing separation to our beloved, our family, or community.

While painfully aware of where we have fallen short, we are also rightly proud of the places we have been faithful and loving this year: the loving care extended to newborns and the mentoring of children; the tenderness of accompanying our elderly as their abilities changed; sweet moments intentionally created with our beloveds; opportunities when we helped the stranger in our midst; and the accompanying of those who were sick or afraid. Together, we found ways to lift a voice for justice, to hold our communities firmly but lovingly accountable to one another. 

It is easy and right that we raise a prayer of thanksgiving for the bounty that we have received. Indeed, as we pass our minds over the year’s harvest, our hearts naturally rise in a crescendo of hallelujahs and an appreciation that, through it all, God has been present with us. Even in our darkest times, we were not alone. We are forgiven of what we have not done and affirmed in the good we have done. 

May we all rest this harvest season in the lived experience of God’s presence among us.  May that holy presence be the seed placed in the soil of our communities' future for the next harvest.

Grace, Mercy and Peace be with you always,
The Clergy of the Colonial Ministerium