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News from Fair Hill

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The gardens are full of vegetables to supply the free farm stands and book tables on the street outside of Saint John Memorial Church. Children from the local summer school programs are learning about growing plants and vegetables as well as the water cycle. It is not uncommon to see them pulling a red wagon with vegetables down the street.
The 16th annual Summer Fest was a great success. The ponies came once again, children discovered foosball and badminton, some for the first time. Crafts being created spread across the picnic tables while other children found places to slip away into the adventure of reading books.  

Up coming events

  • August 14 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Community Garden Days Historic Fair Hill 2901 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia
  • August 16, 30th @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Weekly Farm Stand St. John's Memorial Church 2853 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia

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  • Potter Thomas School library is nearly ready for school opening. All are welcome to help barcode and shelve books
  • Be a reading buddy
  • Help with the gardens
  • Help plant trees (April, Nov)
  • Library Helper
  • Host a book drive

 CONTACT Information

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  • Phone: (215) 844-1683 ext 107

    2910 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19133