Sunday Morning Online
Meeting for Worship 



During the next several months of worship we will continue our experimentation of different ways of worship. For a period of time, we will alternate the onsite and zoom worship experiences along with blending of the two together. How we will proceed long term will be determined by our experience and sharing thereof at future meeting in September of October.

For those attending onsite please see the current COVID precautions by clicking here. The will continue to change Month to Month.

For those who will be attending by Zoom Conference call please click here to to send an email to request the Meeting ID and password.

Blended worship (Onsite and Online worship joined in Zoom Conference) :
                           1st, 4th, 5th Firstdays of the Month
Non-blended Zoom and Onsite worship:                  2nd, 3rd,  Firstdays of the Month
Mid-week worship will be blended each week at   7pm on Wednesday Evening


We are located at:
2150 Butler Pike
Plymouth Meeting Pa, 19462

Times of Worship

We gather for Meeting for Worship:  All are welcome.

  • First Day (Sunday):         Worship begins at 11:15 am. Check in with one another ~12:15.
  • Midweek (Wednesday):  Worship begins at   7:00 pm. Check in with one another ~  7:45.

Our Way of Worship

We come together in traditional Quaker un-programmed worship, seeking Divine guidance, strength and peace in sharing a time of silent prayer and worship together. We are a diverse faith community who seek, with mutual love and respect, God’s will for us. Our Meetings for Worship are based on the principle of expectant waiting in silence for direct communication with God, with no pastor, music or order of service.

Since the time when our meeting house was completed in 1708, it has been kept quite plain so that the worshiper has fewer distractions from the main purpose of listening to God’s "still small voice within" each of us.

Although the Meeting for Worship is based on silent prayer, all are free to speak their ministry as an outflow from God. Friends value vocal ministry that is simple, comes from the heart, and is prompted by the Divine Spirit. Our worship is a personal quieting inwardly to hear, feel or know the motion of God's love within. There is no prescribed way of entering into and being in worship, but there are the learnings of those who have gone before us that can help guide us. If you are new to Quaker worship, please explore some of the resources under the New to Quaker Worship tab.

Meeting for Worship begins when the first person arrives in the Meeting house or online worship and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how the worship deepens. Our Meetings traditionally close when those on the facing benches shake hands. However, in these times of COVID-19 virus, the closing occurs by a welcome greeting from one of the members.

Worship takes time to settle as those gathered let go of the tasks of coming to Meeting and all of the needs of their lives. With time, there is a sense of a deepening of the quality of silence that we are entering into. The noises of the street and the creaking of the benches reside from our consciousness as we let go of the temporal and touch the eternal stream within.

During worship, those gathered may offer vocal ministry. It is our custom to listen beyond the words offered, which requires time between messages. It is not unusual for a meeting to be silent throughout, without vocal ministry. A completely silent worship is not a lack of ministry but a worship of communion with God and those gathered that goes beyond words.

As the meeting closes, it is customary to linger for a time to greet each other and share news of the community.

Come and Join Us!

If you are new to or have any questions about our Sunday Worship or need to get in touch with us about any other inquiry we will be happy to help. Please Contact Us for more information.