Plymouth Meeting Friends Library


The Meeting Library is a collection of books and magazines useful for understanding Quakerism, Spiritual growth and nurture, and issues of social order and concern. Books are cataloged in the digital catalog Librarything.

The library is currently closed, as it is located in the Annie H Wilson room which has been converted to a PMFS class room for the school year 2020 -2021. There are electronic educational resources below that are available to members and attenders. Over the coming months these electronic resources will be expanded.

Faith and Practice

Faith and Practice

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Queries of our Faith and Practice

Friends have assessed the state of our religious society through the use of queries since the time of George Fox. Meetings use queries as a guide for self-examination, as a framework for periodically examining, clarifying and prayerfully considering the direction of our individual lives and the life of the meeting community.

Each query has a section directed to the corporate Monthly Meeting and a section for the individual Friend to consider. Friends at Plymouth consider one query per month and bring those considerations to our Monthly Business Meeting. The query of the month is listed in the Meeting newsletter.

Queries are grouped into these areas:

Friends Journal

Friends Journal

Friends Journal is published by Friends Publishing Corporation. Its mission is to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives. The Friends Journal is an important publication that presents the diversity of Friends thought on Faith and Practice of Quakers.

Click on this link to view present and past journals.

The Journal is funded by memberships. Our Monthly Meeting has a membership. If you find the writings of worth to you, please consider a personal membership to support this publication that has been supported by Friends since 1955 when two Quaker journals, Friends Intelligencer (Hicksite) and The Friend (Orthodox), were merged.