Environmental Concerns

John Woolman - 1772
The produce of the earth is a gift from our gracious creator to the inhabitants, and to impoverish the earth now to support outward greatness appears to be an injury to the succeeding age.

Plymouth Monthly Meeting is acutely aware that our and our societies way of life has impoverished the earth for generations to come. In response to this fact Plymouth came to unity on the following minute.

Plymouth Monthly Meeting's Green Minute   - Sixth Month 16, 2019
Plymouth Monthly Meeting is in unity to, in a step by step process, stop its use of fossil fuels to generate the electricity it uses, to heat its water, to prepare its food, to heat its building, and to invest its funds. This commitment was made today, Sixth Month, 16, 2019, with the expectation that with prayerful discernment and Divine assistance, it will be completed in the next ten years. The implementation of this minute will require the work of the Property, House/Kitchen, Finance, and Trustee committees. It is requested that each of these committees prepare a plan for implementation of this minute for the areas of their responsibility.



 Initiatives under the care of the Property Committee to support the Green Minute and Land Stewardship (May 12, 2023)

1.  Reducing use of gas powered machines in landscape care
            a. Replacing gas-powered leaf blowers, trimmers, pole-saws, etc. with hand and electric powered models
            b. Reducing use of grass mowers
Mowing grass has been done with fossil fuel machines (large mowers). Where possible, we are moving to use of electric mowers, at reduced frequency and
greater cutting height.
2. Increasing carbon capture through increased tree and shrub cover
            a. Planting tree, shrub, and flowers between parking lot and wall; this initiative also
    increases water retention, pollinator habitat, biological diversity, and landscape beauty.
3. Naturalizing lawn areas
            a. Naturalizing areas of lawn to woodland meadows and native plant sanctuaries; this
    increases carbon capture and reduces mowing to address Green Minute goals.
            b. Expanding use of native plants and removing invasive species

        Initiative of Property Committee to reduce and eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the Meeting House and commuting to and from
        Completed conversions
            1. Elimination of Gas hot water heater - replaced with instant heat electric heater - 2017
            2. Instillation of electric car charger - 2017
        Future conversions
            1. Replacement of gas stove with electric stove
            2. Replacement of the Meeting House and Annie H Wilson room gas heaters with electric alternative

        Initiative of Trustees to eliminate investments in fossil fuels
        All Monthly Meeting and Burial ground funds moved to the  Friends Fiduciary Green Fund - 2020