Nancy I. Corson Creative Arts Fund

The Nancy I. Corson Creative Arts Fund was established by Plymouth Monthly Meeting in honor of and in response to the joyous life we experienced with Nancy Corson. Her presence with us in worship and social witness, or in sharing a meal, or sharing ideas of how to engage the world, draws us closer to the spiritual heart of Quakerism, always honoring the past but living and acting in the present. 

Her heart felt the pain and suffering of this world. The tendering that the world's pain caused her was consistently responded to in words and deeds. She nudged, drew, and sometimes dragged us into action. The arts, like worship, was for her the place of knowing beauty and the healing love of God. Each person has their own artful gift of expression to be nurtured and cherished. Hence, we continue to be nudged by Nancy to act lovingly in this world and to breath in the beauty of all the arts to help sustain us in our journey.

Mission of the Nancy I. Corson Creative Arts Fund

Nancy CorsonThe mission of the  Nancy I. Corson Creative Arts Fund is to support the literary, visual, performance and other arts within the PMM community. Projects have included: poetry, fiction and spiritual journey readings; culinary arts presentations; slideshow presentations of chrome cars now rusted; photography exhibits; and banjo history presentations. Small funding grants for materials, supplies, or workshops may be available. 

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