Get Involved! 


There are many ways for you to get involved in the life of the Meeting. Our Monthly Meeting functions by the joyful work done by its members and attenders. There are no paid clergy or staff. Different committees take on various responsibilities of the Meeting. Some are physical, such as the Property & House Committee. Others are pastoral, such as Care & Concern Committee and Worship & Ministry Committee. And some are witness, such as Peace & Social Concerns. And then there are the simple "get together and do something" gatherings, pulled together by the Hospitality Committee or an ad hoc group of people for a specific purpose.

Here is a list of our Meeting Committees or areas of service where there are opportunities to serve. Click on the name of the committee for a description of its activities and on the name of the clerk to request more information or an opportunity to talk.

If you would like to get involved in any of these areas, or if you have another question about getting more involved in the life of the Meeting, be sure to let us know by contacting the clerk of the committee  or nominating committee, or by simply asking any member of the Meeting. 

Monthly Meeting Committees

Committee Name Clerk of Committee Description of Committee
Care & Concern
Bonnie Miller Pastoral care and Outreach
David Miller Scheduling of Meeting    and Annie H Wilson Room
Burial Ground
Tom Armstrong   Care of interments and maintenance of Burial grounds
Jeff Markowitz Budgeting and Fund Raising
Diane Sassaman & 
Chris Mrozinski
Set up, food and cleanup of fellowship functions
Ralph Henninger Cleaning and maintaining inside the Meeting House
Chris Mrozinski Organizing and purchasing for the Meeting Library
Music Circle
Bill Albert Music Circle gatherings to play and share songs
Nancy I. Corson Creative Arts Fund
Carol Coffin &
Barbara Hoekje
Support literary, visual, performance and other arts within the PMM community
Pattie O'Donnell Gather and publish monthly newsletter
Peace and Social Concerns
Paige Menton Provide opportunities to discuss, discern and act on social concerns and individual leadings
Vincent O'Grady Access maintenance to property, Buildings (outside) and mechanicals systems and coordinate the volunteer or contracted service to complete the maintenance
School (PMFS)
Fran Blackstone & Carol Coffin
(Monthly Meeting representatives)
Oversight of Plymouth Meeting Friends School
Tom Armstrong Oversight of the financial, status, investments and insurance of the Monthly Meeting
Worship & Ministry
David Miller Care for the Worship opportunities and spiritual nurture of members and attenders
Religious Education
Fran Blackstone (children), David Miller (adult) Provide opportunities for discussion and learning about religious topics, seeking to enable spiritual growth, understanding of the religious principles of Quakerism and their application to our lives today
Web site
David Miller Development and deployment of web site