Agenda and Documents
Third Month 2023

Members and long term attenders can click on the red links to obtain documents

Date of Meeting

3m 19d 2023 at 9am

Location Blended Meeting with those at the Meeting House and those online via Zoom conference call using the Meeting for Worship login ID
1. Query Peace and Alternatives to Violence 
2. Minutes of prior Meeting  Click Here
3. Treasurer’s report of prior month's income and expense  Click Here
4. Peace Social Concerns Land stewardship - request to AQM fund 
Bail bond update 
5. School Committee Update
Trustee subcommittee name 
6. Nominating Committee Transfer of membership
Application for membership
7. Worship and Ministry Home and Care request for use of mailing list 
Website Privacy Policy 
8.  Property Roof damage 
9. Trustee             Report on annual meeting on meeting funds
10. Website     Copyright Agent needed