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Message from the PA Bucks-Mont
Citizen Climate Lobby 

Message from the PA Bucks-Mont Citizen Climate Lobby

The Senate Finance Committee is considering a carbon price in reconciliation negotiations. The committee meets again on Thursday  September 9th (for what may be their last meeting). Senator Bob Casey is on the Finance Committee.
Reasons for supporting carbon pricing

  • Impact of Carbon Pricing is fast - Carbon Pricing can be activated within 6 months after becoming law
  • Carbon Pricing is projected to cut US carbon emissions 50% within 5 years
  • Carbon Pricing is effective - Carbon Pricing reduces carbon pollution in over 80 % of the economy
  • Carbon Pricing can be fair - The Carbon Dividends can go to Lower & Middle-Income families who otherwise could not afford the transition to a renewable energy economy 

Contact our U.S. Senator Bob Casey to let him know your thoughts on Carbon tax. Ask him to support carbon pricing in the Finance Committee's Reconciliation Package. Use the link below or the link you have been using to contact the Senate offices.
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