Guidelines for
blended Meetings for Worship
during COVID Pandemic

Out of an abundance of caution and in light of the rising number of COVID cases, the spread of the Delta variant, and new CDC and County guidance, the Risk Assessment Committee is requiring that masks be worn in all indoor spaces by all people effective immediately and until further notice.  Masks are available for those who may need one.  Thank you for your continued understanding and compliance.

COVID precaution

  • If you feel sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and join Meeting for worship by our Zoom conference link. 
  • If you have joined us for Meeting for Worship and find later that you have had an exposure, developed symptoms, or tested positive, please contact Bonnie Miller at 484-213-5439 or 610-828-4970.

During the next several months of worship we will continue our experimentation of different ways of worship. For a period of time, we will alternate the onsite and zoom worship experiences along with blending of the two together. How we will proceed long term will be determined by our experience and sharing thereof at future meeting in October.  

Blended worship (Onsite and Online worship joined in Zoom Conference) :
                                                                                        1st, 4th, 5th Firstdays of the Month
Non-blended Zoom and Onsite worship:                2nd, 3rd,  Firstdays of the Month
Mid-week worship will be blended                            Each week at 7pm on Wednesday Evening

We use "blended worship" to mean two worship groups (one onsite on the Gathering Space behind the Meeting House and one gathered online using a zoom conference) connected visually and with audio through the internet.  We began experimenting with this type of worship in 2020 and will continue to experiment with it this year. We expect to respond to our experience of blending our worship with changes that are discerned over time so that we can deepen the spiritual experience and lessen the challenges of the technology and its intrusion.

A few thoughts before reading the procedures below

  • It is always important to set aside time before worship – try to not arrive just in time but begin to lay aside the chores and distractions of the world an hour before worship so that when you enter into worship your body, mind, heart and spirit have already begun to center on that which is our source of renewal.
  • Be willing to be flexible. It has been a long time since the regular familiarity of our Meeting House has been a source of comfort and centering. If we are open, we will find God’s guiding spirit for these troubled times in our new places of worship, be that a desk chair /couch at home or a beach chair out back of the Meeting House.
Attending by Zoom Conference worship
If you are attending worship remotely using Zoom conferencing to enter will require a login number and password. Please contact David Miller ( ) if you would like to attend via Zoom and have not already attended.

Please check the website for any changes or announcements.

David Miller, 10/17/2020